Gabby the Cat ... yes she really is real !

I am a white female cat that somehow managed to get lost. I accidentally hurt my right eye and had to have it removed.  But now, I am the "manager-in-charge at 4 Chics and a Cat.  My job description is as follows: receiving pets, purring, being fed, sleeping, and playing.  I love my job!  I am great at it.  And I am wonderfully spoiled. (VERY spoiled!). purrrrr....purrrr....Come by and see me.  I love the attention!  Oh yeah, you can shop here, too.

I try to help all my furry four legged friends. Right now I am collecting cat and dog food. If you would like to feed a hungry animal, just drop off a bag at our store or mail a check or gift card and one of the girls can purchase it for you. They also accept donations through PayPal.      


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